Upcoming Elastic Stack v4

We’ve had release candidates running for Elastic Stack v4 for quite some time now, and soon we’ll release a stable version.

This is a fairly minor release to introduce a new underlying operating system in the AMI and some minor breaking changes to parameters.

Whats new?

  • Amazon Linux 2 LTS
  • Updated docker, docker-compose and aws-cli versions
  • Updated lifecycled which fixes an issue where queues weren’t properly cleaned up
  • Added a BuildkiteAgentTimestampLines parameter for setting the timestamps configuration in the agent
  • Added a InstanceCreationTimeout for configuring instance creation timeouts
  • Git LFS support

Breaking changes

  • Parameter KeyName is now a string, and optional
  • Parameter ManagedPolicyARN now supports comma-delimited ARNs for multiple policies

Check out the final release candidate, which will be promoted to the final: https://github.com/buildkite/elastic-ci-stack-for-aws/releases/tag/v4.0.0-rc3


We’ve released it here https://github.com/buildkite/elastic-ci-stack-for-aws/releases/tag/v4.0.0

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