Using a private bucket with Elastic CI Stack for AWS


Hi, I set up an artifact bucket for BuildKite via the CloudFormation template and I see new permissions added to the buildkite-Role granting access to the bucket but artifacts still seem to be coming from when I go to download them. Any help would be appreciated


Hrmmm…a quick thing to check @pagameba. Have you set something like this…

export BUILDKITE_S3_DEFAULT_REGION="eu-central-1" # default: us-east-1

…in your builds scripts (doc link here:


those environment variables are definitely not part of build, I didn’t realize they needed to be set. I’ll take a look at the docs and get it set up! Thanks, pretty sure this was the missing piece of the puzzle.


Ah cool - hopefully that points you in the right direction. Let me know how you go!


just read through the docs, a bit of work to set up but I think I manage from here! Is this documented in the Elastic CI Stack for AWS anywhere? Might be useful to add a link to this info in the github repo readme? Or maybe I just missed it :wink:


I’ll defer to @lox on this one, but there’s probably somewhere within the Elastic CI Stack documentation where we could add a link that makes sense! Thanks for the suggestion!