Ability to disable the Issues Tab

For ~95% of pipelines this is more of a nuisance than a feature add.

E.g. For Terraform pipelines, sometimes, we need to replan, and reapply, but the plan step is now hidden because it is successful, this adds more clicks and thought than necessary.

A user preference at least would be nice.

Hey @WilliamABradley!

Thanks for your post and welcome to the Buildkite community!

I appreciate your feedback around the new Issues tab and have passed it on to the relevant team. I’ll be able to provide you with more information around opting in/out etc as soon as I get it.



Hi @WilliamABradley!

Sorry this is frustrating in your pipeline. I’d love to see your builds, and your typical workflows, to see how we can improve it.

Could you email us (support@buildkite.com) with some specifics — maybe some build urls, and some screenshots demonstrating your workflow and where it’s breaking down?



Is there an option to disable issues tab now?
Seems like non error annotations don’t show up on the Issues tab. We use info annotation to post PR related information for going back to the PR from the BK job. Now that issues tab is the default view, it requires multiple clicks to go to the All Jobs tab and then get the PR info to open.

Would be great if we can either disable the issues tab or have an option to show infos in issues tab.


Hello, @raviagarwal7! Welcome to the community! Thank you for your feedback on the Issues tab, and I’m sorry that it’s disrupting your workflow. We are currently working on addressing this feedback. Whenever there is new information, someone from the Support team will update this thread.