Ability to specify meta-data filters at the top of a pipeline

Hello, first of all thanks for the awesome work and great product!

Our project uses meta-data quite extensively however the url querying/filtering can be challenging to remember and difficult for non-technical users. It would be great if we could define custom filters that present themselves in the pipeline UI, and pipeline viewers could click on them to apply the custom filter to the jobs shown.

The alternative is to create urls to navigate to the desired filter and have our users access them via a separate mechanism, or create separate pipelines for the various meta-data concepts we have defined (which is more work for myself to maintain them)

Thank you!

Hi @churchmf :wave:

This sound like a new enterprise feature that we’re about to launch, it’s called Pipeline Tags.
It adds the Tags field to your pipeline setup:

Your Buildkite Users are then able to filter by tag or by using a URL parameter (https://buildkite.com/~?tags[]=foo).

Does that sound like what you’re after? If so, I’m happy to have this switched on for your Org :blush:

Hey, sorry for the slow reply.

That does sound helpful! Ideally we would be able to use these tags in the pipeline UI to filter builds.

Hi we’d be interested in using this. Did it get built?

Hi @l4stewar! :wave:

It is! But it’s an enterprise feature. If you would like more details you can contact support :slight_smile: