Add environment variables with manual retries

We have a use case where we need to sleep for a predefined (but configurable) period of time. This is part of a deploy pipeline and we use the sleep step to enforce a minimum amount of time spent on a canary environment. Users can configure the sleep period with an environment variable, but this must be done before the build starts.

Occasionally our nodes will die and the only reasonable course of action is to retry and wait it out. It’d be great if there was a way to inject an environment variable on manual retry so we could shorten the sleep duration. I could probably think of a few other contrived examples but the abstract idea is “my thing failed :sadpanda: … let me adjust the environment that it runs in and see if that helps”.

I can think of a few workarounds, but this seems like a useful feature.

Welcome Andrew to our community :wave:!

That’s a good suggestion! I will pass on your request to our product team. Thanks for all the details!