Agent targeting on a group

Our team prefers precise agent targeting in most cases. We’ve found using global targeting + inheritance of targeting attributes confusing (see my other posts if you like).

A workaround for the clutter of specifying duplicate queue: and other attributes on many related steps could be groups.

Can agent targets be set on a group step? The docs don’t mention it, specifically.

Hey @coleman :wave:

Interesting question! You wouldn’t be able to set agent targets on a group step, as it’s not supported (you would still need to target the agents per each command step inside the group). One option you might consider is using YAML anchors in your pipeline definitions to help consolidate the agent targeting in your pipelines where global targeting doesn’t work well for your situation.

Consider this a feature request, then.

Thank you for reminding me about yaml anchors, though.

Hi @coleman! Thanks for the request. I’ve logged it for discovery and will reach out as that progresses in the future. For now, Jeremy’s advice is spot on :slight_smile: Cheers!

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