Analytics: Invalid JUnit XML


I have some junit XML that I’m uploading (generated from junit minitest reporter from GitHub - minitest-reporters/minitest-reporters: Create customizable MiniTest output formats.). I’m getting “Invalid JUnit XML” when uploading.

Here’s more or less the structure of it:

<testsuite time="101" skipped="0" failures="0" errors="0" name="SampleTest" assertions="12" tests="2" timestamp="2022-08-08T18:37:36+00:00">
<testcase time="60.5" file="test/integration/sample_test.rb" name="test_1" assertions="11"> </testcase>
<testcase time="40.5" file="test/integration/sample_test.rb" name="test_2" assertions="1"> </testcase>

Any insight as to why this is resulting in an error? At first glance, the formatting looks fine. FWIW, junit output from rspec works fine.

Hey @irphilli!

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Looking at your .XML, we noticed that your <testcase> element is missing the classname attribute.
Adding the classname attribute should allow the XML to be uploaded as expected.


Perfect, thanks! Will see why that isn’t getting added to the output.