Tests do not appear in test suite


I am sending XML files generated by kubeconform in following format to Buildkite Test Analytics:

<testsuites name="kubeconform" time="0.736513416" tests="28" failures="0" disabled="0" errors="0">
  <testsuite name="clusters/x/gke-additions.json" id="1" tests="27" failures="0" errors="0" disabled="0" skipped="0">
    <testcase name="hook-creators" classname="ClusterRoleBinding@rbac.authorization.k8s.io/v1" time="0"></testcase>
... (more test cases)
    <testcase name="sysctl-config/sysctl" classname="DaemonSet@apps/v1" time="0"></testcase>

There are no errors in the posthook test collector, here’s output for this particular file (I’ve removed any ids in it):

Uploading './bazel-testlogs/clusters/x/gke-additions-validate/test.xml'...
curl -X POST --silent --show-error --max-time 30 --form format=junit --form data=@"./bazel-testlogs/clusters/x/gke-additions-validate/test.xml" --form run_env[CI]=buildkite --form run_env[key]=key --form run_env[url]=https://buildkite.com/org/libraries/builds/2852 --form run_env[branch]=branch --form run_env[commit_sha]=commit-sha--form run_env[number]=2852 --form run_env[job_id]=id --form run_env[message]=branch message --form run_env[collector]=test-collector-buildkite-plugin --form run_env[debug]=true --form run_env[version]=aaf6e9f6 https://analytics-api.buildkite.com/v1/uploads
Finished uploading './bazel-testlogs/clusters/x/gke-additions-validate/test.xml'
/buildkite/plugins/github-com-buildkite-plugins-test-collector-buildkite-plugin-v1-10-0/hooks/pre-exit: line 181: kill: (16278) - No such process

Yet I don’t see any tests on the test suite page:

But it does register that a test has been run:

Hey @RRosa

Thanks for the message.

You should be able to see the Test Suite Runs almost immediately. But the Tests data is refreshed every 24 hours, most recently 17 hours ago. I would give it a couple more hours to confirm.

If nothing is wrong it should show up.


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I must have been really tired, it literally says so on the screenshot I’ve attached, and the tests are now visible :man_facepalming:

Thank you Stephanie!

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