App for detecting flaky tests


We were struggling with flaky tests, so I built an app to help us prioritize the top offenders, and to eventually fix them all.

The app automatically detects and tracks flaky tests in Buildkite pipelines using the Buildkite API, and I think this system would also be useful for other people.

This is a screenshot of the report it generates:

Send me a private message on this forum if you think this will be useful for you or your company.

Thank you

Any plans to open-source it?

Yes, I’ll consider it if other people find it useful. I’ll have to clean it up as it has custom logic that works just for us.
I could also host it and let people use it

This looks really cool, thanks for posting it here @arturop :tada:

I think @vitalii suggestion is great! You should totally open source it, I think users would find it really useful!

I think this will be very useful!

This would be really useful for us and we’re looking into building something (Cant find how to send a DM). We would be happy to help out on the project if that would prove useful.


Sorry for the delay. I just opened source it here:
It still needs more documentation and some clean up, but it works :smiley:

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