Pipeline Dashboard Sorting (reliability, speed, builds/week)

It would be very useful for folks with hundreds of pipelines to have sorting capabilities on the Pipeline Dashboard (buildkite.com/:org).

  • Dashboard sorting by failed/non-failing builds (last run).
  • Dashboard sorting by reliability.
  • Dashboard sorting by build time (speed).
  • Dashboard sorting by builds/week.

Another good suggestion! What are you trying to achieve — are you wanting a workflow to identify potential bottlenecks (flakey failures, slow builds, etc) in your CI/CD process? Do you have a team or teams dedicated to this, or is it a shared responsibility? Are they all little pipelines, or are there some major ones?

Thank you - great follow-up questions.

Teams are both dedicated to the overall health and individual teams own their pipelines – a bit of both!

As an owning team (Engineer or Manager) it would give an overview of, are things healthy? It would also help inform in a proactive manner if time/energy needs to be spent on further optimization.

Not really for the purpose of reactive - that should be handled by automated alerting. This is more for passive review.

Pipelines of all sorts of shapes/sizes.

An argument could be made to export all of this data into an Observability product and create the appropriate customized graphs/metrics. I am not opposed to that but that is an entirely different scope of ask/work for most folks I would assume.

The reason I was asking is that I think we’re planning to tackle those challenges at a higher level. We’d love to track relevant metrics and provide greater and deeper insight into these problems. No promises of anything immediately, but they are problems we’re thinking about!

I’ll make sure these suggestions get fed into that process as potential quick wins. :+1:

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Sounds great!

I worry a little bit about summarized metrics meeting my/anyones needs but happy to review/discuss further if at all helpful.