Buildkite says "Not run"

We have a pipeline set up, with Github and Fastlane. The setup works for merges onto develop and release branch, due to branch rules specified in the pipeline. However, when I put a step at the top of the pipeline with no branch rules, I get in buildkite “Not run” for pull requests (I am adding unit tests). I have looked in Buildkite, and on Github, and I don’t see any setting that might cause this. Any ideas?


#New code
  - label: "Tests"
    command: "./"
  - wait
#Existing working code
  - block: "Release to XX"
    branches: "develop release*"

Hi @RowanG1, welcome to the forum and thanks for reaching out! :wave:

Can you send us through an email at with a link to your builds and pipeline so we can check it out.