Buildkite not updating GitHub commit status and/or check

I’m unable to get GitHub commit statuses/checks to work for my Buildkite pipeline.

I have an existing pipeline created a while ago which does seem to update the commit status correctly. However, this is not happening for a new (test) pipeline that I created for a test GitHub repository. The pipeline itself is trivial and completes successfully, but there is nothing visible on the GitHub side - no status on the commit and no check shows up.

I have followed the instructions as per the documentation where it says “GitHub Authorization Required” in the screenshot below. I’m not sure if the callout is always going to show up or if it goes away once successfully configured (I still see it on the old pipeline where the commit status does work). The link to “connect your GitHub account” always takes me to my user instead of my GitHub organization. I have verified that my GitHub org has the Buildkite app installed.


  - command: "echo Test"


What am I missing ?

Hello, @shubhang!
Your own GitHub account also needs to be connected with Buildkite to make sure the GitHub commit statuses/checks work for your pipeline.
Also, make sure that you’ve followed the webhook setup instructions for your pipeline here -


Hey @shubhang

Just to add to what Karen said

  1. The user that is installing our Github app needs to be an admin on Buildkite as well as in the Github organization. If that’s not resolved the user can connect the app via the Personal settings:

  2. The user can to go to disconnect and re-connect the GitHub App

Thank you @karen.sawrey and @stephanie.atte

I can confirm the following:

  • I am a Buildkite admin
  • I am a GitHub org owner
  • Our Buildkite org is already connected to GitHub
  • I do see Buildkite installed for my GitHub org
  • I don’t see Buildkite in my GitHub apps for my personal profile
  • The repo I am trying to set up has the webhook configured

Your own GitHub account also needs to be connected with Buildkite to make sure the GitHub commit statuses/checks work for your pipeline.

I am not clear on what this means. We have an existing pipeline that I created a while ago > 1yr for which I can see the commit status/check show up on GitHub. Also, I can’t see any way to install the Buildkite app for my GitHub user (as opposed to the org).

Not sure where to go next…

Hey @shubhang

Please can you send us an email as its more confidential to


  • A link to a pipeline configured prior that the Commit status work fine
  • Also send a link to the other pipeline that doesn’t work fine.

I need to compare what makes this work for another and not the other

I have sent an email with the details you requested to

Hey Shubhang,

Just updating the forum as well as we found out the issue with this.

Under the GitHub settings of the pipeline

pipeline settings → Github → Repository Settings

The Github user selected was “Any Account” and also the git repo that the account selected was different in the case where the commit statuses were not working.

We recommend following GitHub | Buildkite Documentation or use Connected Apps in User settings to disconnect and Connect Github

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