Can I set two queues for a pipeline step?

I have two kinds of agents, one with queue=a, one with queue=b.
I have some steps I only want to run on a agents and some that I want to run on either a or b agents.
Is it possible to configure two queues when specifying the agent selector on a pipeline step?

Note: We have more than these two queues so I can not just use “*”

I handled this scenario by looking at it from the other direction - tie agents rather than steps to multiple queues.

E.g. you have steps for building vanilla iOS apps and steps for building React Native apps on iOS. All your build servers can build iOS apps, but only some can build for React Native on iOS.

You then have agent config like:

Server type A (iOS only):


Server type B (iOS or React Native):


Then you tie your steps to whatever they are doing, either build-ios or build-react-native.

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Thanks a lot for the answer. I’ll go with this solution for now.

Still, I’m curious if something like regex are supported in the pipeline definition.

Hey @sebastianleisinger!

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@twometresteve2 solution is what we also recommend for this situation :slight_smile:
You can use regex only on conditionals.