Skipping Step Based on Agent Queue


I’m currently trying to build a pipeline that runs on both local and cluster, which will cause slight differences in the pipeline. I was trying to make one pipeline and use two different queues named “local” and “cluster” to deferenciate between what steps to run.

My current problem is that I cannot figure out a way to skip a step based on the queue tag of the current running agent. I know that since queue is not a variable, I cannot use “queue == local,” but I am unsure how to retrieve the queue tag.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @kcnakamura Welcome to our Community!

Just to confirm local and cluster are just queue names and they aren’t referring to actually using clustered and unclustered agents on the pipeline at a time. If assigning a pipeline to a cluster then we can’t run the jobs with unclustered agents.

You can have multiple tags (queues) on the agents and if the job matches one of the queues then it should run on that queue. These are the variables supported for step conditionals. So unfortunately will not support that.