Commit link on manually triggered builds

If I manually trigger the build on a specific branch, and leave the commit as “HEAD”, the commit link points to the HEAD of the main branch of the repository (which is (a) wrong, and (b) can change).

For the purposes of record-keeping, is there a way it could instead link to the commit that is the current HEAD of the specified branch?

You have a good point @simonbyrne :+1:

I’m not sure if there is a reason behind it remaining as head but I’ll raise this with the team to see if we can get it to resolve the SHA and update the link.

I’ve got some feedback for you already.

The reason behind this is because we want to keep the record that a build was triggered against HEAD at the time it was created so we don’t want to change the link. The good news is, when manually triggering a build, you have the option of setting the exact SHA and there are no plans on changing this at the moment.
So if you want to link to the correct historical commit, we recommend triggering against the commit exactly.

Hope that helps :+1:

Okay, that’s not particularly ideal.

Also would it be possible to make the branch selection a drop down menu, rather than just a text box?

Unfortunately, our aim is to not have any access to your code and that includes available branches. For this to work we would have to increase the scope of the GitHub access we have and that is not something we want to do since its core to how Buildkite operates.