Link directly to Pull Request from Build triggered by PR changes

As far as I can tell from the buildkite UI, there’s no link directly back to the PR from the build.

It would be very convenient to do so.

There is, it shows up if you
a) enabled webhook event on pull requests
b) set up “Branch Limiting” on the pipeline to just trigger on your master branch

Otherwise, buildkite will consider the webhook for a commit made against the open PR as just a “branch build” rather than a PR build.

Even with branch limiting set, you still get builds for PR builds. Just not for just random pushes to non-master branches.

We have the webhook event enabled on pull requests, but would also like to continue building branches too. Is there any way for buildkite to recognize this and have buildkite add the PR links when the PR change hook comes in for a branch?

Builds triggered by a pull request should have a pull request link in the build header:

Once we know that a branch belongs to a pull request, subsequent pushes to that branch which trigger builds should also have the same link.

If you’re seeing builds which don’t have the pull request link when you think it should, could you please send us a quick email with the build link so we can take a look for you?