Consider an alternate escape character

I’ve spent several hours this week because buildkite and bash both $ to reference variables (in my use case, I need to support both of them, so I can’t simply turn off buildkite’s interpolation). It would be really helpful to be able to reference bash vars in the traditional way and buildkite vars with a different character (% comes to mind as a reasonable option).

Related, I think I may have encountered a bug where build kite was treating $(./ as the variable name “(./” rather than passing it through to bash and executing it, though I can’t be certain. I’ve worked around the issue by moving my commands out of the pipeline.yml command string into their own files.

Hi @ianwremmel! Thanks for the feedback, and sorry you’ve experienced that.

We just published this doc which touches on some of these issues too, but more from a secrets point of view.

We’ll continue to look into changes/alternatives!

Awesome, thanks for the info! The double dollar sign probably covers it. I was using backslashes which seemed to have an effect, at least sometimes.