Custom USERDATA via Elastic CI Stack

Hi Buildkite,

We have 4+ queues being used, and the whole stack is deployed with terraform(using the AMI’s published as part of the Elastic CI stack).

Now, we got a bit stuck in time as the changes to the AMI, scripts to configure the agent have been updated, and our cloudwatch logs streams are taking more and more work to reconfigure. :D

I’m thinking to deploy the cloudformation stack via terraform resource:
It’ll be used to deploy the stack with several sets of configuration… 1 stack/queue.

Some questions before I start this effort:

Any advice/warnings/thoughts appreciated.


Hey @Mic!

Hope you’re well, and thanks for the questions! :wave:

For 1) - I’d direct attention to setting this through a BootstrapScriptUrl (parameter in the CI stack’s template) - which you could then use to set additional meta-data on.

  1. That certainly is the template - be sure to switch to the tag version of the specific version of the CI Stack that you are using (as main might not always point to a released version!)