Decoding issue log source

Hey ,

We notice we have a wired symbols when we trying to view the downloaded Log file.
Here is an example:

e[90m$e[0m git checkout -f 50699dc69594465922d7df51ebc912ab185e7ff2
HEAD is now at 50699dc Trying to crash the build

e[90m# Cleaning again to catch any post-checkout changese[0m
e[90m$e[0m git clean -ffxdq
e[90m# Checking to see if Git data needs to be sent to Buildkitee[0m
e[90m$e[0m buildkite-agent meta-data exists buildkite:git:commit

e[90m$e[0m trap 'kill -- $$' INT TERM QUIT; mvn clean install -P test
[e[1;34mINFOe[m] Scanning for projects...


Hey Sharon :wave:,

Those symbols are expected. When you use the “download” or “raw” links for a pipeline step, it gives you a file with lots of ANSI escape characters, and that’s how we render the log output on the job UI.