Dynamic CI - filter builds list for specified jobs

It’d be nice for debugging dynamic workflows if the pipeline-level builds view provided a quick way to filter for builds that ran specified jobs. The recent UI update to the builds list view hides job names from the list, so it’s a bit more painful to find them now than before.

Hi @Charlie ,

I am from the product team at Buildkite. Thanks for the feedback. Could you tell me a bit more about what you mean when you say specified jobs? Would you like to see all jobs? Or just a subset? If yes is there anything common about that subset of jobs?



Sure. I’d like to be able to see just a subset. Suppose my build may run jobs “foo”, “bar” and “baz”, but “baz” is only rarely dynamically included in the build. I would like a way to see just builds that did run “baz.”

This is currently possible with the builds API, but that’s a bit overkill for my use-case, so a readily available filter in the web UI would be nice.

Hi @Charlie , thanks a lot for the explanation! Is there something common about these dynamically generated steps? Like are they a deploy step or and extra step or is it totally random?

@Ozdenyilmaz our CI pipeline is composed of one set-up step with all of the other steps selected dynamically based on the files changed in the associated commit. So it’s pretty much random.

Hi @Charlie , could you tell me the name of your organisation so we can turn on the work we did for this piece of feedback early for your organisation?