Getting started - gpg error?

Hi - I’m just getting started with Buildkite, and I’m trying to set up the buildkite cli client, but when I run bk configure, I get prompted to enter a token, which I do, and then I get the stdout:

➜ bk configure
──── Ok! Let’s get started with configuring bk :rocket:

──── Configuring Buildkite GraphQL credentials

Create a GraphQL token at Make sure to tick the GraphQL scope at the bottom.

GraphQL Token: :white_check_mark:

gpg: XXXXXXXX: skipped: Unusable public key
gpg: [stdin]: encryption failed: Unusable public key
Password encryption aborted.

The output indicates that it’s a gpg key that I used to use, but no longer do. Can anyone tell me where it might be pulling this information from, and why it’s accessing my gpg keys in the first place? I’m using a current Mac, up to date OS, with zsh and iterm.

Thanks so much in advance,


Hey @rsherman welcome to the forum :wave:

The bk cli uses GPG (by default I think) to encrypt the API token it instructed you to generate. But it uses this module GitHub - 99designs/keyring: Go library providing a uniform interface across a range of secure credential stores so you can specify another backend to use if you wish.
It looks like its trying to use GPG with a bad default key or something so you could try another backend or generate a new key for this.

But I just want to confirm, the Buildkite CLI (GitHub - buildkite/cli: A command line interface for Buildkite.) is not the thing you need to run actual builds, just in case you are not aware. It’s more of a util that has some handy things in it.

To run builds you will need to run a buildkite-agent: GitHub - buildkite/agent: The Buildkite Agent is an open-source toolkit written in Golang for securely running build jobs on any device or network

Thank you Jarryd, that’s helpful.

Re running builds, I do plan on using buildkite for that, it just seemed like installing the cli was a good first step. I want to get a couple of pipelines running on my desktop before going any farther with it, so I will be installing the agent as well, as soon as I have the cli working properly.