How to create branch and commit files

Hello Team,

I have pipeline that will export the artifacts from sandbox to production tenant. I wanted to have logic to commit the exported artifacts into Git. Is there way to do that ?.


Hey! :hugs:

Hmm, not sure why you would want to export the artifact in Git :thinking:. If the agent has all the proper permission to write in the repository after it was cloned there’s nothing to stop you from making a commit and pushing it, but maybe it’s better to leave it in S3?

Another thing to take into account are your pipeline triggers, if your pipeline pushes a commit or branch it may trigger a new build.


Thank You @paula

Thank you for your response. Yes, I was thinking about new build based on the trigger. I was thinking to handle that through script.

Do we have any sample logic to make those file to commit ? or regular git commits will work ?.


Regular commit should work, we don’t have anything special for that :slight_smile: