How to pass variables/data between Commands

Hi guys,

How can I create/modify a variable in a command and this be accessed in a later command? (Using Linux/Bash/Shell scripts)



  • commands: |
    <define/modify VAR here in command or inside .sh file>
  • wait
  • commands: |
    <access VAR here here in command or inside .sh file>

After some reading around subshells etc. it seems like this may be unavoidable. Things I’ve tried:

  • Using ENV variables outside of step level, but can’t modify these
  • Using a as source and trying to modify the var
  • Appending new variables to source and trying to access these in another command

Unless I’m using the wrong syntax there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this, with the BK environment variables being the closest to what I need. Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks for any help

EDIT: For anyone else looking, using the meta-data command works!

(Although not sure if it’s the correct solution it works for now)

Hi @Mitch!

Welcome to the community! :blush:

As you mentioned, using meta-data would allow you to store data that works across build steps and build agents. Another alternative is using artifacts; you can upload and download artifacts between steps which will allow you to retain information between steps, i.e folders. There is an example of this here . But meta-data would be the best option for your use-case.


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