How to save stdout from buildkite-agent to file

Is it possible to grab output of the “buildkite-agent artifact upload” process to a file?
Smth like this:
buildkite-agent artifact upload test.json | tee -i logs.txt

I tried that but it always generate empty file, while in job terminal I can see logs like:
Found 1 files that match “test.json”
Uploading to default Buildkite artifact storage
Creating (0-1)/1 artifacts
Uploading artifact 825386b4-e60a-4c8f-a081-9bd201e05e67 test.json (18 bytes)

I need a way of capturing these logs from pipeline.yaml steps level, either executing as a command or as a bash script.

Most these commands print to STDERR, not STDOUT.

Hi @novak100!

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The log is written in STDERR, not in STDOUT, so that’s why it is probably not capturing your logs.


that was it guys! It’s working now.
Thanks for your help! :ok_hand:

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