not available?

I’d love to be able to visit and see all failed jobs. Is this possible? Even better would be a list of failed jobs and filter by agent.

It doesn’t look as if that’s possible and the page says:

Server request for query Jobs_OrganizationRelayQL failed for the following reasons: 1. Variable state_3 of type [JobStates!]! was provided invalid value for 0 (Expected “FAILED” to be one of: PENDING, WAITING, WAITING_FAILED, BLOCKED, BLOCKED_FAILED, UNBLOCKED, UNBLOCKED_FAILED, LIMITING, LIMITED, SCHEDULED, ASSIGNED, ACCEPTED, RUNNING, FINISHED, CANCELING, CANCELED, TIMING_OUT, TIMED_OUT, SKIPPED, BROKEN) type_2:[JobTypes!]!,$state_3:[JobStates!]!,$concurrency_4:Jo ^^^

@nathan.pierce doesn’t that exact URL just work right now? :)

Not sure why, but I didn’t include the error I see. Sorry about that.
Note: I’m using my org name in place of X in the url.

@keithpitt Any ideas why this isn’t possible for us?

@nathan.pierce doh! I must have been low on coffee when I wrote that. You’re right, that’s totally not a thing.

Just shipping a PR now to make it real. I’ll let you know when it’s live.

@nathan.pierce :rocket:

state=failed isn’t a thing I’m afraid, however state=finished passed=false is a thing!

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Passed:false looks like it will work!
However, I tried and it’s just sitting there with the loading icon for a looong time. It eventually throws:

Server request for queryJobs_OrganizationRelayQLfailed for the following reasons: 1. An error occurred while executing your GraphQL query. Please contact for help and provide this query in the email.

Is there a way to limit the search to certain agents, using regex on the queue attribute?

Any ideas @keithpitt ?

I’d guess because that isn’t hitting our database indexes and it’s timing out. Are you able to include state=finished too?

How do I include two of them? - times out - removes the second section

I tried a few options too:[]=passed:false&q[]=state:finished

No luck…

Also, can I use time ranges?

Should just be:

I’ll check on the time ranges front.

When I use that, I see

Seems like there is something wrong.