Index of all webhooks or an org/group?

Hey team,

my organization’s use case is in GitHub. I hope other platforms make this more pleasant as well, but in the mean time, managing webhooks through GitHub is a huge pain.

What I want to request is a tab within /organization/<org>/settings called Webhooks that gives a table of webhooks for all pipelines under that org, with a link to that webhook’s associated pipeline, and a link to that pipeline’s associated repo’s webhooks (the link to the repo’s webhooks is already provided on the “Github setup” page for a pipeline, anyway)

This alone would make webhook lookup a lot easier for users like myself. In order to change when a pipeline is triggered, I currently need to go to the pipeline, find its webhook, then go to the GitHub repo’s webhooks settings, ctrl+f to find the associated webhook, and then update it.

Ideally a better feature would be on GitHub’s end. Let us name and/or describe the damn pipelines! But I’ll have to file that support ticket with them. :stuck_out_tongue: