Is there canary or blue/green rollout feature?

Researching to evolve our CI/CD stack. Buildkite looks great in many aspects. However, I’m surprised that I couldn’t find any canary or blue/green rollout feature. Am I misunderstanding something?

Hello, @jack2684! Welcome to the community!

Buildkite is a powerful continuous integration and build automation platform that offers you tools for building your own solutions. How canary or blue/green rollouts can be implemented depends heavily on what deployment platform you are using and its capabilities, be that Kubernetes, Elastic Stack, GCP, Azure, or something else.


Hi @karen.sawrey , I’m looking features like auto canary rollback from the pipeline like Spinnaker.

I guess buildkite does not have deep k8s integration like Spinnaker did. :thinking:

Hey @jack2684! :wave:

Spinnaker it’s a solution focused on deployment, and Buildkite is a platform for running fast, secure, and scalable continuous integration pipelines that run in your own infrastructure, and provides the tools for building your own solutions, where you can, for example, integrate it with Spinnaker :slight_smile: