Our March 2023 release is now available 🎉

:sparkles: We’re excited to share what we’ve been up to–our March 2023 release boasts incredible new features and enhancements.

Here’s a bit about what we’ve just shipped:

  • Enterprise-grade security features: We’ve achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance, and our platform now supports OpenID Connect (OIDC). Plus, we’ve released many more security features to ensure we’re building the more secure CI/CD platform on the planet.
  • Native Kubernetes support: Run Buildkite agents within Kubernetes clusters, enabling you to run your CI/CD compute using the same system as your production services. Utilize the expertise of your own platform teams, and leverage the flexibility to extend your CI/CD system from the leading orchestration ecosystem.
  • Elevated build and test features: From automatically detecting flaky tests, clusters that enable organizing agents into groups, to increased Build Matrix support to UI improvements, and more
  • New plugins (i.e., Hashicorp Vault and GitLab) and the Environment API

Check out the release, and tell us what you think! :rocket: