Link one buildkite pipeline to another without triggering the other

We have 2 repo one for the source code and other for the tests. Currently these both have separate buildkite pipelines. I’d like to implement some sort of user friendly way to have a link in the source code to the tests pipeline, whilst keeping these two pipelines separate and not triggering the test pipeline. Just linking to the tests pipeline, the best way I can think of this is just adding a link the the description of the source code but let me know if someone has a nicer approach. Thanks1

Hey @cheezdog

Thanks for reaching out!

I just want to clarify, do you mean you just want to add a link(url) to a pipeline from another pipeline. Or you want to have access to the test repo from the source code repo.


Hey, thanks for the help, and yeah I pretty much just want to add a visible link to the tests Buildkite pipeline. Specifically wondering if there is a way I could create a step in my pipeline.yaml file that when clicked in the Build UI, will just link you to the other pipeline.

Hey @cheezdog

Thanks for the clarification.

A work around can be done using the buildkite-agent annotation

The Example below, a step in a pipeline creates an annotation with a link to a Sample Pipeline.

  - label: "Link to Sample Pipeline"
    command: |
      cat << EOF | buildkite-agent annotate --style "info"
        Read the <a href="">Sample Pipeline</a>

Hope this helps!

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