Multiline support in pipeline description

It seems like a simple feature request:

  • please enable/allow multiline (or even richtext) in pipeline descriptions.


  • I’d like to add some more detailed description, and suggestion, and help for users of my pipeline. It looks ugly when it’s a single line of description wrapped without my control.

Hello, @alex! Welcome to the Buildkite Community!
Thank you so much for your feedback, I will share it with the team.


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Hi @karen.sawrey!

Will you consider external pull requests trying to add this feature, or are these requests handled with visibility, that I could track?


Hey :wave:t2:! our agent and elastic stack are open source and we welcome contributions there!
But the UI is private and we don’t have a public roadmap at the moment.

I’d assume this is mostly a UI-related change, so I guess I’ll have to wait. Thanks!