New Agent Release v3.26.0

v3.26.0 of the Buildkite Agent has been released :tada:


  • Compile an experimental native executable for Apple Silicon #1339 (yob)
    • Using a pre-release version of go, we'll switch to compiling with go 1.16 once it's released


  • Install script: use the arm64 binary for aarch64 machines #1340 (gc-plp)
  • Build with golang 1.15 #1334 (yob)
  • Bump alpine docker image from alpine 3.8 to 3.12 #1333 (yob)
  • Upgrade docker ubuntu to 20.04 focal #1312 (sj26)


You can find upgrade instructions in the relevant installer documentation for your platform:

For a complete list of binaries, see the release notes on GitHub.