New Agent Release v3.27.0

v3.27.0 of the Buildkite Agent has been released :tada:


  • Add support for agent tracing using Datadog APM #1273 (goodspark)
  • Improvements to ARM64 support (i.e. Apple Silicon/M1) #1346, #1354, #1343 (ticky)
  • Add a Linux ppc64 build to the pipeline #1362 (ticky)
  • Agent can now upload artifacts using AssumedRoles using BUILDKITE_S3_SESSION_TOKEN #1359 (grahamc)
  • Agent name %spawn interpolation to deprecate/replace %n #1377 (ticky)



  • Fixed an issue in #1314 that broke pull requests with git-mirrors #1347 (ticky)


You can find upgrade instructions in the relevant installer documentation for your platform:

For a complete list of binaries, see the release notes on GitHub.