Override 0-step from repository


When i read article about dynamic pipelines It seemed to me that there is a mechanic for reassigning the zero step. By zero step i mean part that I can edit via the web interface. Can I change it directly from the repository using some system file name, for example .buildkite/template.yml. Or maybe this behavior can be enabled by some settings? I know that .buildkite/pipeline.yml can be put into the project, but this add one unnecessary step to my build.

Hi @velios,

The build always starts with loading the pipeline defined from the steps editor, and this cannot be modified. However, a pipeline does not always have to start with the pipeline upload step as per screenshot.

- label: ":pipeline:"
    command: "buildkite-agent pipeline upload"

The above can be modified using the YAML steps editor. You can refer to the Migrating to YAML steps | Buildkite Documentation.

Hope this helps.


Yes, I tried editing this in the web interface and it works. I wanted to know if there was a way to change this using a file directly from the repository. If I understand correctly, this is not possible.

Hello, @velios!

You are correct, the step where Buildkite is looking for what is in the step editor cannot be directly configured from a repository file (neither can it be skipped because otherwise Buildkite agent wouldn’t know what to upload and consequently do).

But once the pipeline is created, you can update the steps using both the GraphQL and REST APIS.
You can find more details here:

Alternatively, pipeline steps can be managed using our Terraform Provider, using the buildkite_pipeline resource