Use .buildkite/pipeline.yml instead of web yml editor

Hello, I have a repository that has a .buildkite/pipeline.yml file, how to I make the pipeline use this instead of the ones in the web gui.

  • First created new pipeline with working git url
  • Clicked “Convert to YAML Steps”
  • Triggered build, gave error about no steps

So it seems in this platform there are two web editors, the:

  • Legacy Steps
  • The yml editor that shows after you click “Convert to YAML Steps”

How do I just use the .buildkite/pipeline.yml file in the repository instead?

I am having trouble finding documentation that would assist me.

Hey @chrisppp!

Welcome to the community!

If you already convert to YML steps (Introducing the YAML Steps editor ✨), then you should have a step with:

  - label: ":pipeline: Pipeline upload"
    command: buildkite-agent pipeline upload

When you eventually run a build from this pipeline, this step will look for a directory called .buildkite containing a file named pipeline.yml . Any steps it finds inside that file will be uploaded to Buildkite and will appear during the build.

You can find more info in Defining Your Pipeline Steps | Buildkite Documentation and Migrating to YAML Steps | Buildkite Documentation


Thanks @paula I guess I was just hoping Buildkite would see the .buildkite/pipeline.yml file automatically, wooops :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Adding the command in the web yml editor buildkite-agent pipeline upload worked as expected.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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