Rebuild missing BUILDKITE_TAG

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I inherited a large project that uses BuildKite and I’m trying to pick my way through everything. One issue I’m encountering is that to make a release, multiple pieces have to be built first, and there have been a number of mysterious build failures that get resolved by just rerunning the build.

However, all the release behaviour - signing, pushing to the server, etc. is triggered by the presence of BUILDKITE_TAG, and I just noticed this does not get included when I hit Rebuild. This is making getting to a release build extremely difficult, as any failure forces me back to the start with a new tag, and the chances of a piece failing in this long process seem fairly high.

So I’m mostly just checking in. My assumption before poking at things is that a Rebuild is going to rerun the build with the exact same environment that created it, but that’s not what I’m observing. I saw this item: BUILDKITE_TRIGGER_FROM_* variables not set when Rebuild which I think is describing the same basic behaviour so it seems to be just the way BuildKite works, but I just wanted to make absolutely certain there’s no way for me to rerun a build with the same environment, because it’s making things very difficult.

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Hmm :thinking: that should be the expected behavior. Could you please email support with a build link where you are having this issue? so we can take a better look at the problem.


Thanks much for the reply! Indeed, I just did it again to get a repro, and now it’s behaving as I would expect, with the TAG present in the rebuild. So user error apparently. There are a lot of pieces in the system so most likely I got confused at some point. If I do happen to see it again and can repro I will contact support, thanks!

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