Scheduled builds not tied to a buildkite user

Hi there,

I was wondering if it would be useful to have build jobs run on a schedule, but not tied to a user account.

Use case
For repositories that are not run regularly, I have a daily build that runs to check everything is still ok.
Things can still change which may effect the build
eg, security updates, yanked gems, other dependencies may change…

So rather than finding out about these issues later I’d like to know earlier so I’ve scheduled daily builds…
The issue is that it’s tied to my user account, so when we get the slack notification people think it’s something I’m responsible for looking into. Also if / when I leave the organisation I assume my username will be deactivated and those build schedules will go.

Like to hear your thought on this, would be great if we could stick a daily build cron schedule into the pipeline.yml (or even via the UI)