Sunsetting the Community Slack

On the 30th of August 2023, we are going to turn off our Buildkite Community Slack Workspace and move all of our community support efforts here, to the Buildkite Community Forum.

The main reason we’re shifting over to the Forum is cost. Slack recently changed how they charge for member activity and significantly increased the price. While we love Slack, it’s just really hard to justify both this space AND the Forum, so we’ve decided to go all in on the Forum.

We looked into alternatives like Discord, but after sitting with the Forum for a while, we think the long-lived conversation format will make it a much better support experience. Another major benefit is the Forum’s content is open to the public, meaning you don’t need to sign up to see it, and it can be indexed and is discoverable by search engines.

We’re not migrating users or content; we’re thinking of it as a fresh start. On the 4th of August we’ll be turning off links and new signups to the Community Slack Workspace, then on the 30th of August the space will be turned off and all data deleted.

If you have any questions or would like to chat, feel free email us at

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