Slack notification precedence


I have set a yaml notify on my pipeline as below:

- if: build.branch == pipeline.default_branch || build.message =~ /enable slack/
      - "#my-channel"

And my admin has configure the following settings on the pipeline.

I have found that now all feature branches, even though their commit messages don’t contain “enable slack”, are sending notifications. Does the settings by my admin has a higher priority than my yaml please? If so, how could I fix this?

Thank you!

Hey @Wei! :wave:

Both configurations are taken into account, and both will run (in their respective scenarios). If you want to only use the notify attribute, you should select the ‘Only Some Pipelines…’ option and none pipeline (unless you want it always to run)

You can find more information at Slack | Buildkite Documentation


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Thank you @paula! :pray: