Using step priorities for on-demand agents

I have on-demand agents in my agent pool, configured with Elastic CI stack. Some of our pipeline steps run on these agents, specified like:

- name: "Some step name"
      "aws:instance-life-cycle": on-demand

If I use step-level priorities on these steps, is that expected to make a difference in the speed with which these jobs will be assigned to agents?

Hey @ps-mt

Welcome to our community! Thank you for reaching out.

Simply changing the queue doesn’t guarantee faster processing. What it does is allows you to isolate a set of jobs and/or agents, making sure they only run jobs that are intended to be assigned to them. For instance, like you did tag that step to be run by agents with a specific characteristic, such as aws:instance-life-cycle=on-demand.

When a job is created, it specifies the agent targeting rules, based on the queues or tags in the pipeline configuration. The dispatcher then schedules the job and assigns it to agents that match the specified criteria.

The speed will depend on factors like the targeted queue, agent availability, and overall workload on those queues.

Hope this helps