What does this mean?

FATAL Pipeline parsing of “script.sh” failed (Failed to parse script.sh: line 17: mapping values are not allowed in this context)
:rotating_light: Error: The command exited with status 1

i followed this → example


buildkite-agent pipeline upload <<YAML
  - label: ":pipeline:"
    command: "buildkite-agent pipeline upload .buildkite/pr-pipeline.yml"

I must admit, I’m not really sure. Could you send a build URL to support@buildkite.com so we can inspect it further?

The issue is probably in the YAML you are trying to upload in that script. Can you upload the contents of that script? It probably just means your indentation is wrong or you have your wait defined incorrect.
If your wait uses properties you need to add :~ after it.

So not:

- wait
  allow_dependency_failure: true


- wait: ~

Hi, It was an indentation problem.