Missing type on failed pipeline upload

Hi, fairly sure my indentation is correct, but I’m getting this error on a pipeline build, but I have type present, as shown in the error itself, does “missing type” mean something else?

fatal: Failed to upload and process pipeline: Pipeline upload rejected: Step is missing a type {“key”:“contract_test”,“label”:“Upload Contract Test”,“pipe-gen”:{“args”:{“pact_file_path”:“pacts/*.json”},“type”:“step/pactflow-upload-consumer”},“depends_on”:[“run_tests”]}`

Hello, @mellis! Welcome to the Buildkite Community!

You’re getting the error regarding the step type as Buildkite expects one of the currently supported 6 step types - command, wait, block, input, trigger, or group step. So your config should start with something like {"step":"command"... .

For more precise troubleshooting, I’d need more context of your pipline configuration. You can send it to support@buildkite.com


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