Access the entire information about the current job

I’ve been working on a plugin that uploads new steps with a lot of information based on the current step. I’d like to “copy over” or “keep intact” a bunch of things that don’t seem to be available in an obvious way.

Notably so far it is the information for the current step that exists in env , concurrency_group and concurrency, and even other plugins that run before/after mine.

I could generate the env based on the ENV, but I’ve no real way of knowing what came explicitly from the original step upload that got us to this point, vs what came from an agent hook or anywhere else.

(FWIW- my use case is a step that at some point during it’s lifecycle, decides that it wants to fork and create 3 sub-tasks of itself that mimic most of the same settings as the original step, but i’m changing a few things on the fly so the sub tasks know where to pick up from or whatever)

Hi @tigris!

Thanks for the suggestion, we are going to share your comments with our product team.