Agents always "green"


Recently, the agents that appear in always have the “green” indicator next to them, even if a build is running in them. Previously, it would be yellow.

Is this deliberate? It is hard to see at a glance which agents are available and which ones are not.

Hello @ibrar

Thanks for reaching out!
I see what you are saying, last month we had some changes to our UI. I’m going to to confirm if it’s a bug or part of the changes.

We will get back to with their feedback on this issue.

Hey @ibrar,

I work on Pipelines here at Buildkite. You’ve stumbled across a bug that was introduced in a change we made three days ago. Thanks for the report, we’ve shipped a fix and you should now see the orange spinners next to busy agents once again. Apologies for any inconvenience!

Thanks @kalo !