Tab favicon/icon color Feedback

Just wanted to pass along a note that the color coded tab/favicon image change really trips me up. On multiple occasions now, I’ve scanned my tabs looking for the green or black buildkite logo (I honestly don’t remember what the previous default was but I thought it was green) and have been unable to find it quickly because its yellow or red or green. Is this ultimately a trivial problem and something I might eventually get used to? Yes. But does it feel like a slight tax on my brain while I’m scanning through tabs causing unnecessary cycles for what should be a quick task? Also yes.

Hey, if this is an accessibility/usability thing that folks have been asking for or is really making a difference for them, I’m happy to adapt myself. But I don’t know any other applications that really do this, and especially for yellow, it’s actually harder to scan and spot the logo because it has significantly less contrast to Safari’s grey tabs.

Welcome to the Buildkite Forum @john.kelly !

Thanks for your feedback on the favicon colour changes. We understand it’s affecting your workflow. While we can’t promise changes, as the favicon changes colours (yellow, red, or green) depending on certain conditions on the build. However, I want to emphasize that your input is important to us and helps guide our updates. If you have more to share or need help, just let us know.

Thank you once again for your contribution to the Buildkite community!

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