Isn't All Agents Supposed To Execute All Jobs?

Hi there,

Just tried buildkite and have a quick question, appreciate if anyone enlighten my about this. I have a “sample pipeline” and have two active agents, one is in my local computer and one is in a cloud server. I defined my pipeline as to have only one job labeled as “An empty step”. When I connect my repo and run the build I see the job only run by the agent in the server and not the local one. Is this how it should be? because I was expecting both of my agents will run the pipeline. Here is a screenshot to describe what I mean:

Hello, @muratgozel! Welcome to the Buildkite Community!
Buildkite tends to use the last agent it successfully used if it isnt busy at the moment, and won’t use several agents unless it needs to scale according to the workload. So since you were running a short build, one agent was enough to run it.

I hope this helped!