Automatic PR comment


buildkite-agent annotate is a great feature when you want to present output that should stand out for a build. I think it’s particular useful when there is a myriad of log output for a build, but really only a subset is that most important thing to present to an end-user.

I have a few usecases where I’d like to run analysis of source code and I would like to make a comment in the pull request to force the developers to notice it. Using buildkite-agent annotate is not enough as developers mostly are looking at the the Buildkite builds only when they are failing. does this and we’ve been very useful with that service.

To be able to do above today, I need to create my own Github API key (or app), configure a secret environment variable for it in Buildkite, and then have some script which makes the comment (likely based on BUILDKITE_PULL_REQUEST).

Now to my idea: How about introducing buildkite-agent comment which, similarly to buildkite-agent annotate, would post a comment to Github. If Buildkite is made a public Github app (instead of manually registering webhooks on a repo) I think it might be given write-access to a repository’s issues and not just read access.

I’d say there is a trend where Github bots are communicating in pull requests and we’ve found it very useful.

I’d love to hear what you think.