Automatically trigger block step overlay

Is it possible to automatically trigger the block step overlay panel when a block step is reached? We often miss the block step and the pipelines sit waiting. Or maybe keep the pipeline color yellow while waiting in block step?

Would love to know if this feature is possible!


Hey Christian (@cwawrzonek)!

Thanks for the question :slight_smile:

A block step is designed to be a place in a pipeline that requires manual intervention - so at the moment it’s not possible to process said popup (you might be more interested in wait steps for that need - combined with explicit dependencies with depends_on).

On the case for block steps’ state, by default a build is marked in its passed state when blocked - but you can use the blocked_state attribute on that step to change the block steps state when a build reaches it. You’d be after running: which will mark said build in the same state as a running build.

Hope that helps!

Excellent! For the record, we don’t want to automatically process block steps, just make the human intervention requirement more explicit for less technical users who don’t know they need to intervene.

But the yellow color should at least help!

Thanks for the speedy response.

No worries!

In that case, blocked_state will definitely fit the bill.

Let us know if anything else arises :slight_smile: