Buildkite trigger step

Hi Team,

We observed something that we wanted to confirm.

So we are trying the trigger step in our build pipeline. Basically the use case is build pipeline triggers the deployment pipeline.
In the deployment pipeline we have 3 block steps. So that all works fine. But what we noticed is, after the trigger step triggers the deployment pipeline and it reaches the first block step, the build pipeline shows green and notifies “PASSED” and then when you unblock the block step, the build pipeline goes into In-progress again and notifies in Slack of state change and when reaches block step, notifies in slack again of the “PASSED”.

Two things happens

  • Build pipeline keeps changing the state. Is this expected?
  • On slack notification channel, keep getting passed, creates a bit of noise in the slack channel. How could we avoid that?


Hello @surajthakur!

Thanks for the message, hope you’ve been well :wave:

For your first question - that is indeed the expected behaviour - and specifically tied to the blocked_state attribute of block steps. If you don’t specify it in your block step, by default the build is set as passed when it reaches the corresponding step (the attribute can be set to one of passed , failed or running).

It sounds like you are triggering Slack notifications based on the Notification Services integration - you could potentially get around it with conditional Slack notifications based on a build state/state of a particualar job’s outcome for example.

Hope that helps :+1:

Thanks @james.s
The block step attribute helped.

Is there a ref of colours used by Buildkite Slack app on different build states OR any way to override the colours.
I am referring to this colour


Glad to hear it @surajthakur!

Those colours (if you are referring to the lines next to the Buildkite logo describing the message output) are set by the integration itself based on the build’s status as detected - not configurable unfortunately.


Thanks @james.s
All good for now.
This case can be closed.

No worries :+1:

Feel free to reach out to us if any other topic or question arises.

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