Triggered pipeline shown as passed when its waiting for unblocking

I noticed some weird behaviour in trigger step.
Let’s say I have a parent pipeline which triggers a child pipeline and synchronously waits for it to complete.
If child reaches “Unblock step”, then parent automatically shows child as green(passed). This creates false illusion that child pipeline successfully finished, but it actually may wait for Unblock step.
After you manually unblock child, parent shows child as running again.
Does anyone know if it is possible to show child pipeline as “waiting” or “blocked” instead of just green/passed ?

Hello, @Yaroslav! Welcome to the community!
Let me look into this.


Hello again, @Yaroslav!
What you are describing is the expected behavior. When a pipeline is blocked due to a block step, its blocked_state will be passed, which is the reason the parent pipeline shows as passed. You can read about it in our docs on the block step.


Hey @karen.sawrey ,

thanks for help! I think I somehow missed docs for Block step and blocked_state allowed values.
Although I think it would be even better to have “blocked” value for that config that would show build as blocked, which is logical, isn’t it?

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Happy to help, @Yaroslav! And many thanks for providing feedback. Noted!