Aws-cli pinned to old version in windows elastic ci stack

There’s a note from 2020 about the aws-cli version in the windows images for the elastic ci stack being held back until after the v5 release. Are there any plans to bump it now that the elastic ci stack releases are well into v6?

Hey @iainm that is a very good question!

I’m looking at the configuration that builds the AMIs and it shows that awscli-2 is included in the current windows image: elastic-ci-stack-for-aws/packer/linux/scripts/ at main · buildkite/elastic-ci-stack-for-aws · GitHub

Are you seeing a different version on your instance?

That link is for the linux packer! The windows one is elastic-ci-stack-for-aws/packer/windows/scripts/install-utils.ps1 at main · buildkite/elastic-ci-stack-for-aws · GitHub

Oh oops thanks for catching that. I swear I clicked the windows link.

I can see now that it is pinned :+1:

In this case, the best bet would be to raise an issue on the repo to get the maintainers visibility on it. Then they’ll be able to give a concrete reason and whether it can now be bumped

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